Automation of Land Registry Archives


The project aims at scanning archival documents stored at Department of Land Registry Archive and Istanbul TKBM written to a large extent in Ottoman Turkish using the latest technology, creation of a reliable structure of index, and ensuring easy access to scanned documents linked by index system of people authorized to access to archive information and documentation within the security framework of persons authorized, developing reporting functions of the information entered into digital media by the user by reviewing the original document in the archives within the scope of Title Deed Archive Automation.

Using the latest technology, 51192 units of files, documents, packages and content of the book, making a total of nearly three million pieces of document in various sizes including

  • Legal Proceedings-Record Books
  • Archive for Istanbul TKBM books (Temessük)
  • Registrations of Village and Highland Borders and Pasture Allocation Decisions
  • Revenue Records
  • Land Register Books

Archival documents;

  • have been scanned within the scope of Land Registry Archive Archive Documents Automation Project.
  • 8227 volumes of minute books have been microfilmed using 1726 rolls of microfilm.
  • 25,564,912 units of title deed records in ottoman script were transcripted and transferred to digital environment.
  • Archive automation software and infrastructure have been established.

Through TARBİS project, a large part of the documents within the Department of Land Registry Archives was microfilmed, transferred to digital media and thus ensuring more efficient storage and use of archival documents. Through TARBİS Project applications statistical data on input and output and usage information of existing archival documents can be kept, all types of reporting relating to the documentation can be made and documents can be presented to natural and legal persons who request in digital format or on paper within their permission and authority.

The project started on December 12 2005 and the final acceptance of the work was actually performed on February 08, 2009. Cost of the project is TL 14,006,656.00 + VAT.

Through TARBIS Project

  • Data transferred to digital media within the scope of the project can be accessed quickly.
  • Land registry records, which are undetectable by the current index system, can be accessed more easily with the new documentation system formed as a result of transfer of index data relating to real property and their holders into digital media.
  • As studies will be carried on microfilm or digital copies rather than originals of the documents in question, the majority of which is the first degree of portable cultural property to be protected, the original document is ensured to survive over the centuries by preventing wear.
  • Other institutions and organizations can be given information and documents support in the digital environment.
  • Archive support can be given quickly and safely to the countries that Türkiye has historical ties including Palestine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Cyprus, Macedonia and Croatia.
  • Statistical information on various topics are within easy reach.
  • Time is saved to a great extent.
  • Local and foreign researchers may carry out works in the newly designed researchers room in the computer environment within the scope of authority they are granted.
  • As studies have been carried out on the data in the digital environment, the staff are not affected by the negativities in the environmental conditions such as dust, fungus, etc.